I Am a Lake [paperback]


InkWell Workshops exists to encourage writers, and writing, from the psychiatric and addiction communities. Every Wednesday afternoon, our participants gather from every part of Toronto to read, discuss, share, laugh, applaud and connect. Most importantly, we write. The identities of our participants are diverse but the binding commonality is our desire to explore our creativity.

The most important way that disenfranchised people can advocate for ourselves is by realizing the value in speaking up: finding our voices is vital in making change. This sparkling collection of fiction, poetry and memoir shines a light on a community that has been kept in the shadows and on the margins for far too long.

Edited by: Maya Ameyaw, Kathy Friedman, Puja Malani, Marnie Shepherd, George Zancola

Featuring work by: Maya Ameyaw • Michele Breton • Geoffry Chang • Pamela Chyn • Donna Cooke • Lorraine Garraway • Emily Gillespie • Andrew Gu • Mark Harvey • Noriko Hoshino • Tim Hwang • Robin Ashley Jones • Ian Nicholas Kay • Aspi Kootar • Puja Malani • Koshala Nallanayagam • Honey Novick • Joseph Pirrello • Sirene Qureshi • Howard J. Sanchez • Laurel Schell • MG Shepherd • Salvatore Tassone • Robert Taylor • Emily Waknine • Adam Zaborowski • George Zancola • Camilo Zuniga

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