From our Workshop Participants

“InkWell Workshops has been a welcome part of my recovery. I’ve gained friends, and valuable info and practice on different types of writing. I’ve lost some feelings of sadness and isolation. I feel an affinity to the InkWell Workshops community. I belong!”
Michele Breton, InkWell participant

“I’ve had a long, lived experience with mental-health problems, and before I was connected with InkWell, I was having a really, really hard time.… I’m feeling much better this year, and I think a lot of that is thanks to InkWell.”
Geoffery Chang, InkWell participant

“Thank you for your support. I can honestly say that without it I would be writing very little today, if at all.”
George Zancola, InkWell participant

From our Community Supporters

“InkWell Workshops is a fabulous initiative. Offering creative writing workshops, mentorship and encouragement to people living with mental illness and addictions — and doing so by using instructors who have known the same challenges — stands out as a wonderful way to recognize the humanity of people in need, to show empathy, and to provide tangible encouragement where it really matters. My own late sister, Karen Hill, was a writer and visual artist who lived with mental illness, and she found profound satisfaction, comfort and support through her own avid participation in arts-based programs.”
Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes and The Illegal

“We can all play a role in moving mental health forward in Canada and InkWell Workshops is a wonderful example of this. The act of writing as a community is just the beginning for InkWell. Their print anthology and public launch also provide important platforms through which people living with mental illness and addiction can find vital connections to each other and to the world. InkWell creates space for human connection around shared experiences, for hope and for friendship.”
Mary Deacon, Chair of Bell Let’s Talk

“Over the years, I’ve attended InkWell’s readings and anthology launches and have been blown away by the energy in the room, by the support of the arts community (the place was always completely packed), and by the vibrancy and strength of the stories that were being told. InkWell Workshops is one of a kind, both a vital part of the arts community in Toronto and a safe, empowering space for people living with mental illness and addiction issues It is a real gem.”
Ayelet Tsabari, author of The Art of Leaving and The Best Place on Earth

“Promotion of peer-led arts initiatives is vital. InkWell provides the platform, the space, the support, and the acknowledgment that creative outlets by and for people with lived experience are essential to wellness. Write On!”
Chyrell D. Bellamy, PhD, Associate Professor Yale University & Director of Lived Experience Transformation Leadership Academy

“Much has been said about the healing benefits of art but art is also struggle, vulnerability and exposure and it needs supportive scaffolding. The wonderful instructors at InkWell know this. Let’s face it: books are not immaculately conceived. They are the result of a messy process and often messier lives. The instructors at InkWell know that solidarity, compassion and flexibility can make a big difference. I hope you’ll support this incredible program and the world-making energy that is storytelling.”
Kyo Maclear, author of Birds Art Life

“InkWell creates space for people to learn new skills, tap into their creativity and find a sense of belonging, all of which are vital components of recovery.”
Dr. Sacha Agrawal, Staff Psychiatrist, CAMH